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About Snapdragon Quilting

Hi! Thank you for visiting! I'm Jen Wagner. I created Snapdragon Quilting (SDQ) in the spring of 2022 with a mission to inspire and empower creativity and confidence in quilters of all skill levels by creating quilt patterns make sense and courses that dive deep into a myriad of quilt making skills. Having the right tools and supplies always makes a project go more smoothly, so I make sure you can find those here.

My Grandma Louise, pictured here, was the kind of grandma every creative child would love because she always had projects in progress all over her house. She was quite the gardener too and her colorful snapdragons seemed as tall as me! When she looked at me, her face lit up and she made me feel so special. As I grew up, I came to find out that she made everyone feel this way. I named my company Snapdragon Quilting in her memory. I hope to honor her through kindness and by sharing my love of quilting here with you.

I grew up sewing clothing under the guidance of my mom. Then in college, I took a semester of clothing construction to see if my mom really knew what she was talking about, she did.  In 2006, I discovered quilting and my life was forever changed. My second child was born that spring and he woke up with the sun so we watched Alex Anderson in her show Simply Quilts in those wee hours. I was hooked! Shortly thereafter, I bought my first longarm machine and began longarm quilting for others under the name Wagner Quilting. Besides all the wonderful quilters I met, my favorite part of quilting for others was seeing the different ways color was used.

Outside of the sewing world, I have worked as a Registered Nurse in labor and delivery and then as a Certified Nurse Midwife and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. I loved teaching women and their families about pregnancy, birth, contraception, menopause, etc, so they could make informed decisions and live healthier lives. The health of a momma affects the whole family. Take good care of yourselves, you're worth it!

When I'm not quilting, you'll find me outside. I love golfing, hiking, swimming, skiing, biking, and gardening. I'm lucky to have a hubby that shows me the meaning of love and three kids that are growing into incredible young adults.

For so long I have sketched out quilts then figured out how to make them. It is a real treat to be here now, continuing to design and make quilts, and then put my ideas into patterns to share. I get lost in design because I love how the use of color and pattern can make quilts made from the same design look so different! I'd love to see what you're making with SDQ patterns and fabrics.  Join the fun in the Snapdragon Club Show & Tell Group on Facebook where we chat, share our projects, and connect with like minded quilters. I hope to see you there. Happy Quilting!

A 1950's photo of Jen's Grandma Louise, the inspiration for Snapdragon Quilting
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