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Bonus: More Quilt Top Ideas using Thankful

I love to play with design and my "Thankful" quilt block pattern can create sooooo many different quilts! This pattern is a foundation paper piecing (FPP) pattern with 8 different blocks in it. You do not have to know how to do FPP because the pattern walks you through the technique step by step. Of course you can learn the technique in my video tutorial too!

Let's dive into some quilt top design ideas. There are 3 size options in the pattern so these blocks and quilt tops can vary quite a bit in finished size. Remember that these are digital mockups so try to imagine how amazing they would look and feel in real life in real fabrics. I really wanted to fill this post with heart eye emojis everywhere but I refrained because I bet that as you read, you can see me with my eyebrows lifted making my eyes look huge as I'm obsessing over these designs. Now I need the crying laughing emoji.

If we take the center of the first block in "Thankful" and repeat it in some muted colors, we get this sweet little quilt.

The pattern also has the option to make mirror images of each block so if we make the same quilt but make every other block a mirror image, look what happens.....

How cool is this!?! It tricks the eye so the block is lost and a new design appears. Can you see why I'm hooked on quilting?

Then if we use some blues to make a bunch of these blocks, put them on point with a square in between, we get this...

It's so different from the other two quilt tops and I love it!

Okay now let's experiment with block #4 ...

If we repeat it and apply a gradient it's sooooo pretty! To make this quilt, you'd need 7 different fabrics. It was fall when I was playing with these designs so those colors were on my mind. Mmmmmm... I love warm fall colors!

If you look at block #4 closely, you'll see that it's make up of four squares that when rotated make a whole new block that looks like an x instead of an o... Can you guess where I'm going with this?

A Valentines quilt! XOXO

The possibilities with the "Thankful" quilt blocks are endless! I could play with block arrangements and color all day. The "Thankful" pattern has lots more ideas to play with too.

I'd love to see what you make! Please share your project with #thankfulquiltblocks.

Which quilt top design is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Quilting!




Hi! I'm Jen, a quilt pattern designer and teacher. I founded Snapdragon Quilting in the spring of 2022 in memory of my beloved Grandma Louise, a skilled seamstress and crafter who grew beautiful snapdragons in her garden. I've been sewing for as long as I can remember and began passionately crafting quilts of my own creation in 2006. My quilt patterns bring bold and vibrant designs that blend traditional piecing methods with contemporary techniques. I love to play with color and contrast so you'll find lots of layout and color options in my patterns. Whether you're new to quilting or making your 100th quilt, you're in the right place, because here at Snapdragon Quilting, quilt patterns make sense. 

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