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Favorite Flavors SAL Day 4 - Assemble the Quilt Top

It's day 4! We've just got one more day. I can't believe how fast this sew along has gone by! Today we will finish assembling our lollipop blocks and add borders. Woohoo!

Yesterday we worked on the hardest part of this quilt which was piecing the curves. We've got the Zoom meeting today at 9am PST to discuss how it went and so you can ask questions. The link for today's Zoom meeting is in this morning's reminder email.

Today's also the last day to enter to win the grand prize! It's a Snapdragon Quilting pattern of the winner's choice and the winner will get their Favorite Flavors quilt top quilted by the incredible Vicki Ruebel at Orchid Owl Quilts in an edge to edge design. To win, post a picture of your Favorite Flavors project on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #favoriteflavorsquiltsal and tell us how you feel about pinning vs gluing. Posts must be on a public account (otherwise I can't see it!) and be up tonight by 8pm PST. I will announce the winner in tomorrow's email.

If you're just joining in, I'm glad you're here! Get your roller skates on and jump right in!

Sign up and read the blog posts then start your project.

Assembling the Blocks

This part is pretty straight forward, just stitch the three sections of each lollipop together!

Assemble the Quilt Top

Stitch the lollipop blocks together according to the diagram in the pattern for your layout. If you're doing the layouts with 5 or 6 lollipops, you'll also need the extra background pieces to put the blocks together. Then add any additional background pieces and the border. Long seams like this can be difficult to get flat because the feed dogs on sewing machines pull the bottom layer of fabric faster than the top layer. To help prevent this, stitch your extra background pieces and borders on with a walking foot or lay your quilt out on a hard floor or large table and use lots of pins or glue.

Using a Walking Foot

Here's a little video about how to use a walking foot which is great for long seams. Say bye bye wavy borders! The Bernina walking foot is pretty costly so I use a generic walking foot and it works great!

Bonus Tip: Matching Repeats in Prints

I love this trick and wish I had learned it a long time ago. I love to put prints on the backs of my quilts so I use this trick a lot.

All done! Now you have a completed quilt top!

We made it to the end! Doesn't it feel good to have the top done? Have you started thinking about the quilting yet?

Remember to post tonight by 8pm PST using #favoriteflavorsquiltsal. Only Ashley has been posting so if you post tonight, you have a high chance of winning!

Happy Quilting!




Hi! I'm Jen, a quilt pattern designer and teacher. I founded Snapdragon Quilting in the spring of 2022 in memory of my beloved Grandma Louise, a skilled seamstress and crafter who grew beautiful snapdragons in her garden. I've been sewing for as long as I can remember and began passionately crafting quilts of my own creation in 2006. My quilt patterns bring bold and vibrant designs that blend traditional piecing methods with contemporary techniques. I love to play with color and contrast so you'll find lots of layout and color options in my patterns. Whether you're new to quilting or making your 100th quilt, you're in the right place, because here at Snapdragon Quilting, quilt patterns make sense. 

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