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Garden of Quilts

My Grandma Jacobs turned 92 this week so my family threw a party for her at her home in Salt Lake City. The timing worked out perfectly, because the Garden of Quilts quilt show was also happening this weekend at Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point (about 20 min south of SLC). It was $35 to attend with no senior discounts. I hesitated at the price but soon realized that it was soooo worth it! It's a two for one - a quilt show hosted by Riley Blake Designs and a stunning 50 acre flower garden. Time for some good walking shoes! There is a long hill from the entrance to the gardens but there were plenty of gas powered golf carts to shuttle people up and down that hill. There was a lot of thick grass, paver walkways, benches to rest on, bathrooms, and food throughout. It rained a little while we were there making some spots a little muddy but it was a bit warm so the rain actually felt great. Isn't the quilting on that welcome quilt to die for?!?

I heard about this show from Christine, who is in charge of membership for my local quilt guild, the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. She loves all things tiny... tiny piecing and tiny quilts. She had four of her tiny masterpieces in the show! The next photos are her quilts, click the arrows to see them all...the first one is made of 225 different colors! I really like how she quilted the V shape in the second one to keep the design moving outwards. They are all so well done and so unique!

Three of Christine's quilts were hung in the Secret Garden. Which truly was a secret because we walked past it two or three times before finding a way in. It was full of people looking at the quilts, maybe they were better at reading the map. To get there, we had to walk through a dark tunnel covered in vines which then opened up into a round garden enclosed by beautiful red brick walls.

Quilts were truly everywhere throughout all the gardens, hung in open air tents, strung above grass fields, on wood and wire A frames, on the bridge by the Monet pond, and in a beautiful round wooden pergola. Some hard work went into setting this show up. There were some large tents with vendors, always fun to find some new fabrics! The ever talented longarmer Renae Haddidin from Quilts on the Corner was a vendor there too! It was so good say hi to her. She sold me my Innova longarm and with it, she taught a 3 day class on how to use it. I had owned two longarm machines before going to her class so I wasn't sure I needed to go but I went and was so glad that I did! Three days learning from her is priceless.

I had to take some pictures of the unique flowers and plants too. The large leafed plant by my son is covered in spikes like a cactus!