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Many Moons Coloring Page

I went for a very modern look using a variety of colors and only solid fabrics when I first made this quilt. Then I made the smaller version in only the pinks, purples and blues. Also in the second quilt I intentionally alternated the shades of grey to make stripes!

This quilt was inspired by my love of polka dots and would be fun making it to highlight the dots. I also think this quilt would be amazing in large prints in the circles because the circles are so large, especially when making the full size. How would you make this quilt? What colors and fabrics would you choose? Print the PDF (link at the end) and color it in, print a second time and design your quilting motifs! Get the Many Moons physical pattern here and the digital pattern here.

Many Moons Coloring Page
Download PDF • 68KB


Hi! I'm Jen, a quilt pattern writer, product & fabric designer, mom, and retired nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife. Whether you're new to quilting or making your 100th quilt, you're in the right place. Check out the tutorials, quilt patterns, coloring pages, and featured quilters. 

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